2014 Wines

2014 Cabernet Sauvignon – $35.00

A bold red wine with complex layers of ripe dark fruit and wonderful aromas of oak making this a very enjoyable wine.

2015 Wines

2015 Cabernet Sauvignon – $30.00

Your senses will be delighted with this full-bodied wine.   Flavors bursting with notes of cherry, plum and chocolate. Perfect for that special dinner tonight! 

2015 Red Blend – $24.00

The perfect blend of red wine.  Cab and Merlot are meant to be joined together.  The Merlot softens the Cab just right.  Don’t you agree?!  Enjoy the graceful flavors of cherry, raspberry and plum.

2015 Merlot – $25.00

Delightful flavors of black cherry, raspberry, and plum.  This bold wine flows into your glass creating an experience of ahhh…..so good! 

2016 Wines

2016 Cabernet Sauvignon – $30.00

2016 Syrah – $30.00

2016 Malbec – $30.00

2022 North Central Washington Wine Award – Gold Medal


2016 Merlot – $25.00

2016 Black Widow Red – $28.00

2016 Alternate Reality – $25.00

A fun conversational Red Blend . An easy drinking well balanced wine. Perfect for your BBQ.

2016 The Guthrie – $26.00

A Red Blend with complex flavors creating unique layers of dark red fruit. This wine is truly interesting and so smooth.

2017 Wine

2017 Malbec– $30.00

2020 Wine

2020 Rosé of Syrah – $22.00

A refreshing citrus dry rosé with a pop of strawberries. Burke Vineyard estate grown Syrah grapes give the wine a beautiful color and the unique flavor you expect with our wines.

2021 Wine

2021 Rosé of Syrah – $22.00

A beautiful dry rosé with raspberry and melon flavors.